iPod Disk Use



iPods can be used as external hard drives. Enabling disk mode allows you to store any kind of file in iPod's memory. To enable disk mode, connect iPod to the computer. In iTunes, click the iPod's name under Devices. Click the Summary tab and click the checkbox next to Enable disk use. Click the Apply button.

Enable Disk  Use Checkbox

iTunes will inform you that "Enabling iPod for disk use requires manually ejecting iPod before each disconnect, even when automatically updating music." That just means you need to click Eject button Eject Button before disconnecting iPod from the computer. You can force an iPod into Disk Mode without iTunes by following these direction.

You can now connect iPod to any Mac or Windows computer and it will appear as an external storage device, just like a flash or hard drive. Windows users can find the iPod in My Computer and Mac users can find the iPod on the desktop. You are able to open, save, move, copy, and delete files. Note that you cannot access iPod's audio or video files, as they are not visible in Hard Disk Mode.

Students and teachers can use iPods to transport documents and files between school and home. Just be sure to keep the syncing cable with the iPod.

KeychainYoung Micro makes a handy key chain that has a USB adapter on one side and an iPod connector on the other. This way if you don't have your iPod cable with you, you can still connect the iPod and access its hard drive using the key chain. You can also sync and charge an iPod using this nifty connector. It retails for $9.99.

Portable Software is something that can be used on any flash or hard drive and can certainly be used with iPods! Portable Software are software applications you can put on a flash drive and use on different computers. The software is run the portable drive, so there is no need to install it before running it. Wikipedia has a listing of portable software.

Listen to iPods #1: Hard Disk Mode for information about using an iPod as a flash or hard drive.