iPod Notes


You can view text files on an iPod's screen using Notes. Simply save a document as text (.txt). With hard disk use enabled, open iPod from My Computer (Windows) or from the desktop (Mac) and then open the Notes folder. Drag and drop the text file into the folder. The file is copied onto the iPod.

iPod Notes Folder

Eject iPod Eject Button and then select Extras from the Main menu. Select Notes and then select the file to view. Since it is a text file, paragraph formatting, font options, text justification, and images cannot be included.

You can organize the text files into folders to keep them organized.

Notes Subfolders Example

It may take iPod several moments to load Notes if it contains many text files.

Another option for getting text onto iPods is using the free program iPod Notes for Mac OS X. Simply copy and paste text into the program. It will automatically place the text on iPods.

iPod Notes Packer is a free web service that can turn any web page into an eBook for iPods. After giving iPod Notes Packer a web address, it will generate a file for you to download and install into iPod's Notes folder.

Notes can include hyperlinks to other notes, audio files, and videos. It's quite complicated, but here's a 54 page guide from Apple. Instead of learning all of the hyperlinking techniques yourself, let Mogopop or iWriter content creation options do it for you!

Listen to iPods #6: Notes for information about copying and viewing text files on an iPod.