iPod Toubleshooting


If your iPod is having issues turning on, playing media, syncing, or loading software, Apple recommends the 5 Rs of Troubleshooting iPods:

Resetting Your iPod
Resetting is like rebooting your iPod. You won't lose any songs, videos, or data files (though some settings may be reset). To Reset: press and hold the Menu and Select buttons together until the iPod restarts (older iPods may require you to press and hold the Menu and Play buttons for 6 to 10 seconds). When you reset iPod, your music, videos, photos, notes, and files are still saved. However, your iPod may loose some of its settings.

Retrying Your iPod
Try a different syncing cable if your iPod is not syncing correctly. Also try a different USB port or a different computer.

Restarting Your Computer
We all know that restarting the computer can many times fix our problems. It’s worth a try!Before you take any of these troubleshooting

Reinstalling Your iTunes and iPod Software
Remove iTunes software and reinstall it from Apple.com. Make sure your iPod software is up to date by connecting your iPod to your computer. Click your iPod in the Source panel. Select the Summary tab. In the Version section click the Update button if the text indicates an update is available.

Restoring Your iPod
Restoring completely erases iPod's hard drive. Attach your iPod and launch iTunes. Click your iPod under Devices. Click the Summary tab. Click the Restore button . After restoring, you can transfer your media files back to the iPod through iTunes. Unless you have backups for any files in iPod's hard disk storage, they are lost forever.


Listen to iPods #5: Troubleshooting for information about the Five Rs.

Apple's Five Rs Assistant
Choose your operating system and iPod model then get detailed instructions for each of the Five Rs

iPod Tutorial Video
Two-minute video demonstrating the Five R

Apple's iPod Support Pages
Troubleshooting information with lots of links

Before you take any of these troubleshooting steps, make sure your iPod’s Hold button is not in the locked position. A lock appears on the screen and no controls will function if Hold is activated. 


If your iPod is connected and disk use is enabled, Do Not Disconnect will be displayed on the iPod’s screen. Ejecting iPod will remove this message from the screen.