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Subscribing to a podcast means that your computer downloads the latest episode and periodically checks for new episodes.  When new episodes are available, iTunes automatically downloads them into its Library. Once downloaded, episodes can be synced to iPods and other devices. Don't worry, almost all podcast subscriptions are free of charge.

If you used iTunes to find the podcast, you can simply click the Subsribe button. See how in this video from Apple.

However, many podcasts are not listed in iTunes' directory or you may have found the podcast elsewhere. Another way to subscribe with iTunes is to look for a small icon (also known as a badge) that says iTunes. For example, if you click this badge Subscribe with iTunes, iTunes will open a window where you can click the Subsribe button for the Our City podcast.

Some web pages for podcasts do not have the iTunes badge, but most web feed badge: RSSXML,or . Clicking the badge will show you the RSS feed for the podcast. There are two ways to subscribe using this badge.

iTunes Advanced Menu

  1. Right-click the badge and copy the link. Then go to iTunes and choose Subscribe to Podcast from the Advanced menu. Paste the link into the box and click ok.
  2. Drag and drop the badge from the web page into the iTunes Podcast window, iTunes will subscribe to the podcast.