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Learning in Hand Update

I've spend quite a while over the last couple of months transferring Learning in Hand from a static HTML site to a using a content management system (Squarespace to be exact). This update means that most of the URLs have changed, so please contact me if you cannot find something you know was on Learning in Hand previously.

My work on the site is certainly not done.  In fact, it's just beginning! The change means that I no longer have to use Dreamweaver on my laptop to post--I can post by logging into the site on any computer. I am enjoying that like a wiki, I can click Edit on any page to instantly make changes. If you want to see what's recently been changed or added, visit Learning in Hand's Recent Changes page.

Learning in Hand started as a page on my fifth grade classroom website.  The website was named Planet 5th by my students and I wrote about our use of Palm handhelds in a section called Handhelds in the Classroom. The section was renamed Learning in Hand and grew and grew to be hundreds of pages. When I stopped teaching fifth grade in 2004, Learning in Hand became its own website.

Leonardo DaVinci said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that's what I've always tried to do with this site. I want to keep things simple, uncluttered, and easy to find. Most importantly, I want the content to inspire educators to help students learn in engaging, motivating, and creative ways. Thanks for visiting and keep coming back!


Email Subscriptions

Email Subscription RequestOne of the great things about blogs is that you can subscribe to them. Instead of visiting the blog page to check for new posts, many use a feed reader like Google Reader or Bloglines. However, if you don't check your feed reader regularly, it does not help you to keep up on the blogs you are subscribed to.

Some blogs offer subscriptions by email since email is something that people regularly check. I'm happy to say that Learning in Hand is now one of those blogs. Simply complete an Email Subscription Request. On days when there are new posts to this blog, you will receive an email with any new updates. Don't worry, if there aren't new posts, you won't be emailed, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you have your own blog there are a variety of ways to enable email subscriptions. I use the free Feedburner service.



Site Reorganization and Additions

Learning in Hand began in 2001 as part of my fifth grade classroom website as a way to share what my students and I were doing with Palm handhelds. In 2004, Learning in Hand became its own website and added information about Pocket PCs. Learning in Hand's focus on student-centered technology continued through the years by adding resources for podcasting and iPods. At long last I've taken the time to reorganize the site so it is easier to browse for the information you're interested in.

The site's main pages are now Blog, Podcasts, PDAs, iPods, Netbooks, Mobile Web, About, and Search.

Podcasts contains a link to Learning in Hand's popular Podcasting section. It also links to the three podcasts hosted here at learninginhand.com: Learning in Hand: iPods, Our City Podcast, and Soft Reset.

PDAsPDAs is the section all about Palm handhelds and Pocket PCs. I've always been against calling handhelds PDAs (an initialism for Personal Digital Assistants). But, I needed a word to describe handhelds that run Palm or Windows Mobile and are not phones. I couldn't just use the word "handheld" because nowadays that term encompasses so many different kinds of devices. PDAs seems to be the best way to describe these so that's what the section is labeled. The PDAs section contains links to Palm and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile software, lesson plans, classroom management advice, eBooks, and lots more.

The iPods portion of Learning in Hand has great information for users of iPods with Click Wheels. Most iPod users who visit can find things they never knew an iPod could do. In particular, the Gallery of Educational Image Sets has some cool educational photos sets to load on students' iPods. A brand new addition to Learning in Hand is Do So Much with an iPod touch. I'm finding the iPod touch (the iPod that's just like an iPhone--minus the the phone functions, camera, microphone, and speaker). iPod touch users can surf the web using the iPod's Safari browser. There are also web sites that are designed for the iPhone/iPod touch screen called Web Apps. Then, there are also real software applications that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Of course, an iPod touch is an iPod, so it plays audio and video and displays photos. Furthermore, this new section shares loads of tips and tricks for using an iPod touch.

Do So Much with an iPod touch!

NetbooksAnother new section is Netbooks and it discusses tiny, affordable computers. These computers don't have much memory or storage space, but that's ok. They can connect to the Web through Wi-Fi and access thousands of web applications. To help teachers out, the page has a list of web applications that I've recently bookmarked. You can see all of the ones I've bookmarked here. I suspect the Netbooks pages will be updated quite a bit in the coming year as they become more and more popular.

The Mobile Web section is all about using the Internet on devices with small screens, like mobile phones, PDAs, and iPod touch. There are sample sites, advice for finding mobile sites, tips for use in a classroom, and information about creating your own mobile site.

Clicking About will bring up information about me, along with links to my other websites and Twitter page. This is also the page where you can email me and where you can check out my Presentation and Speaking Information.

Search uses Google to search Learning in Hand and is a good way to find something when you're not sure which section it is in. If after searching you can't find something you know is on the site, email me and I'd be happy to point you in the right direction. Note that during the reorganization I did not change any URLs, so all pages you have bookmarked are still there. Also note that the discussion forums have been removed as they were very rarely used. One more note: clicking the site's name or logo at the top of each page will take you to Learning in Hand's home page.

While I was busy reorganizing and adding content, I also gave the site a little facelift. I hope you like the changes!


Announcing  TonyVincent.net

TonyVincent.netTonyVincent.net is online! While learninginhand.com covers the world of learning with tools that fit in students' and teachers' hands, TonyVincent.net focuses on online and digital technologies. Here are just some of the topics TonyVincent.net will cover: online publishing, Google Earth, digital video, RSS feeds, Wikipedia, information literacy, free software, and Web 2.0 services. These "internety" topics and handheld computing will often overlap and probably give me headaches when trying to figure out on to which site to post the content.

Currently, TonyVincent.net features a blog and forums. Unlike the learninginhand site where I use Dreamweaver to upload an HTML file for each page, TonyVincent.net uses a content management system (Drupal for those who want to know this kind of stuff). What does that exactly mean? With Drupal I'll be able to organize content on TonyVincent.net with just a couple of mouse clicks. Once there's more content, I will to have TonyVincent.net sorted by subject area. Posting in blog-format is a great convenience for the blogger, but it isn't so great for a reader who wants information on one topic. So watch for site organization and features to be added in the future. You can also look forward to layout changes and lots of tweaks as I improve the site.

As Dale pointed out in a blog comment, it takes some effort to keep up with all of the content I provide online. If you really want to keep up on everything I post, subscribe to my RSS feeds:

Now here's the beauty of RSS: subscribe with a service like Bloglines or Google Reader, and you don't have to visit each source individually. Just subscribe to the RSS feeds and log into Bloglines each day to see what's new. Many teachers have asked for step-by-step directions for subscribing with Bloglines. Jump on over to my post, Subscribe to Sites with Bloglines, at TonyVincent.net for help. I hope TonyVincent.net will also provide you with help, resources, news, lessons, strategies, and guidance for years to come...